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Since Romany Relics came out ten years ago I still retained a vast archive of photos from wagon time, Gypsy people and their way of life. In addition a great deal of further research of wagons and their builders has shown there is still more to be learnt about these master craftsmen that created these palace’s on wheels, so Romany Relics 'The final wagon album' is a completely new book with all new photos and additional information about the builders. Some wagons that featured in the first book have gone on to be restored to perfection and need to be shown and enjoyed by the readers. The format is pretty much the same as the first book but the content of this Romany Relics is all new and is the most comprehensive work on the subject with nearly 440 pages and over 750 all new photographs, making this book and the first book a combined resource of virtually every quality wagon ever made.

Romany Relics was a limited edition of only 400 copies, the first 100 having signed certificates by the authors and will never be reprinted, due to the incredible interest in the book I have decided to produce one final book Romany Relics the final wagon album which will also be a limited edition of only 300 copies with all 300 numbered and signed, this book will also never be reprinted

I am afraid that producing a book of this quality and a run of only 300 copies is extremely expensive and will cost £200 plus registered postage of £30 but as soon as the 300 copies have been sold this book will be beyond any monetary value

This is my third and final book which is without doubt the finest of them all and the one I am most proud of

Romany Relics has become a prized possession of all that own it and I am sure this second book will be as equally well received, enjoyed and prized.

If you wish to pre order Romany Relics the final wagon album please email me with your name and address and I will reserve you a copy. The book will Be ready for sale in April/May 2019


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